Planning on driving in Mexico?  Think about purchasing a Mexico auto insurance policy before you drive there.

You may be taking a risk if you decide to drive without a Mexico auto insurance policy.  If you have an accident in Mexico, you can spend many hours or days in jail and your vehicle could also be impounded.

Mexico requires drivers to be insured by a Mexican insurance company.  Mexican insurance companies are officially certified with the Mexican Department of Insurance.  On paper, your U.S. auto insurance policy may provide coverage when you drive your vehicle in Mexico. However, if you cause an accident while driving in Mexico, your U.S. insurance company may have a hard time representing you.  Also, your U.S. auto insurance policy typically does not include mandatory liability coverage for Mexico.  In addition, your U.S. auto insurance policy coverage for your vehicle may have very restrictive conditions attached to them.

PacStar General offers a separate Mexico auto insurance policy.  The policy will meet the liability requirements of Mexico.  The policy will also offer collision, theft, legal and medical coverage.

Please contact your local PacStar General Insurance agent for more information on a standalone Mexico auto insurance policy.

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